The nineteenth century part

1. Symphonie fantastique, which depicts an artist's execution by guillotine, was written by the nineteenth century composer
A. Caspar David Friedrich.
B. Hector Berlioz.
C. Gioacchino Rossini.
D. Franz Schubert

2. Which composer called himself a tone poet?
A. Schumann
B. Schubert
C. Beethoven
D. Mendelssohn

3. Berlioz provided _______ to his audiences as an overview of the dramatic structure of his work.
A. programs
B. librettos
C. scores
D. transcripts

4. Which composer wrote a movement that might have a hidden text behind it, even though it is for instruments alone?
A. Felix Mendelssohn
B. Ludwig van Beethoven
C. Hector Berlioz
D. Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel

5. Which composer wrote Lieder that serve as settings of verse by the greatest writers of the time, as well as those that draw on works by poets who are largely forgotten today?
A. Beethoven
B. Schumann
C. Shubert
D. Berlioz

6. How many singers are required before the group is considered an a cappella chorus?
A. Four singers total are needed.
B. Only one or two singers per part are all that is needed.
C. There should be 8-10 singers to a part.
D. The number of singers can vary.

7. If a sound increases 5 dB, the sound becomes _______ times louder.
A. five
B. fifteen
C. three
D. ten

8. The piano trio has been a popular instrument since the middle of the _______ century.
A. seventeenth
B. nineteenth
C. sixteenth
D. eighteenth

9. Franz Schubert was known for having written
A. four operas.

hundreds of Lieder.
C. 11 symphonies.
D. 100 violin concertos.

10. _______ music is generally associated with nonmusical ideas and objects.
A. Recital
B. Character
C. Program
D. Literary

11. Who wrote a piece in which the third movement is titled "Scene in the Countryside"?
A. Schumann
B. Schubert
C. Berlioz
D. Beethoven

12. When you hear a recurring melody in a programmatic piece like Symphonie fantastique, you're experiencing which of the following?
A. Coda
B. Idée fixe
C. Mode
D. Polyphony

13. During which movement in Beethoven's Fifth Symphony do double variations appear?
A. Second
B. Third
C. First
D. Fourth

14. Which violin virtuoso was rumored to have made a pact with the devil to achieve his master of the instrument?
A. Franz Liszt
B. Ignacy Jan Padrewski
C. Niccolò Paganini
D. Gioacchino Rossini

15. _______ was called the "Valkyrie of the Piano."
A. Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel
B. Clara Wieck Schumann
C. Louise Farrenc
D. Teresa Carreno

16. In the overture to A Midsummer Night's Dream, the kingdom of the fairies, led by Oberon and Titania, is represented by the
A. triangle.
B. piccolo.
C. strings.
D. flute.

17. The piano became a popular instrument for middle-class families when
A. Dvorák composed The American.
B. mass production became possible.
C. the Transcontinental Railroad was completed.
D. the Civil War ended.

18. In which register is the narrator's voice in Schubert's "Elrkõning"?
A. One of the highest
B. A neutral one
C. The loudest
D. The softest

19. Which of following composers is depicted in Josef Danhauser's Franz Liszt at the Piano?
A. Schubert
B. Beethoven
C. Berlioz
D. Gottschalk

20. Both Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union prohibited which of the following kinds of music?
A. French folksongs
B. Italian opera
C. Some types of jazz
D. Marches

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