Personal reflection on health care disparities


Personal Reflection on Health Care Disparities

This assignment is a recognition and reflection of substantial demographic shifts and health care disparities in the United States. The second goal of Healthy People 2010 project is to "eliminate health disparities."

To help you better understand what this goal means, and what it will require to reach the goal, this assignment asks you to work through two examples:

• *Select two health disparities(Which will be "Racial and Ethnic HealthDisparities") from any categories discussed in our readings this week. For each disparity:

• *Describe the issues that you think are involved.

• *Explain what you think might cause the disparities.

• *Describe how these disparities affect, or might affect, different groups in the United States.

• *Consider your personal perspective. Describe how your perspective, background, values, and culture influence your view of other groups.

• *For each disparity you choose, identify and describe one recommendation for improving the situation.

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