Review the options for deploying new policies


Consultation (Role play):

You are required to form a group of 2 to 3 learners to conduct a role play session. Each learner takes turns to play their role as a manager (they can be any of the managers described in the case study organisation i.e., AYMA SERVICES) where your trainer can play the role of company's CEO. Other learners will play their roles as consultants and teammates.

Now that you have completed the research at Task 2.2, it's time to consult with the CEO to:

  • outline your findings and ideas
  • discuss the impact of your recommendations on the organisation
  • examine and review the options for deploying new policies and procedures needed across the organisation

During the meeting, you are required to demonstrate effective communication skills including:

  • Speaking clearly and concisely using language relevant to the audience
  • Using non-verbal communication to assist with understanding
  • Asking questions to identify required information
  • Responding to questions as required
  • Using active listening techniques to confirm understanding

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HR Management: Review the options for deploying new policies
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