Ethics officer for a waste management company

Problem: Assume you are the ethics officer for a waste management company. The CEO has asked you for a memorandum addressing the major concerns the company should consider with regards to the environment. Create the memorandum.

A "Green" Corporation:

Corporations are major entities in the world and hence have an enormous impact on the environment. A corporation is considered environmentally friendly when it closely monitors the quality of the environmental resources it utilizes. In order for a corporation to be considered "Green" it must make several adjustments in their strategic choices. The company establishes environmental guidelines and policies, creating environmental commitments that cause minimal or no harm to the environment. To implement these commitments, a green corporation can focus on internal operations and take responsibility by setting up waste reduction and recycling programs. For example, a concrete service company uses recycled materials in their projects to reduce fuel consumption and recycled water such as waste water in their machines instead of potable water hence reducing the amount of potable water needed and using the unwanted water. By focusing on the efficiency issues in the production process, the concrete company has not only reduced the amount of waste generated but also the costs.

Being green is important to my company because it will make good business sense. But most importantly, preserving the world's natural resources is the responsibility of every individual and it is the right thing to do. Having a green company will not only help boost the morale of my employees but help in developing and maintaining a competitive advantage by providing a cleaner and healthier work environment. In addition, it helps to improve operating efficiencies and lowers the company's operating costs hence saving the company money. Finally, the company will have a great positive impact against global climate change.


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Business Law and Ethics: Ethics officer for a waste management company
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