Role of hormones across multiple motivation systems

Assignment: Motivation

Choose 3 of the 5 options below to answer in essay format. To accurately answer each question, you will need to supplement your answers with information across ALL chapters and/or lectures. The more details, concepts, definitions and the more clear the answer, the better your grade will be. You may use past lectures and the text. Direct quotes will require you to cite your source.

Please post the question you are answering at the top of your answer - some of the answers are a little similar.

You may NOT use your peers, outside websites or another person. Also, by using unreliable sources such as Wikipedia, you are likely to enter incorrect information as it relates to the text/your exam. If you have a question about the exam, email me directly.


1. Explain the role of hormones across multiple motivation systems. Include in your answer (but do not limit to): sex differences, action patterns and implications for human applications.

2. Explain what role, if any, negative feedback and homeostasis play across motivational systems, especially eating, sexual and aggressive behaviors.

3. The debate between instinctive behaviors and learned behaviors cuts through each subject we have discussed. First explain what the debate is over, why it exists and why neither side has won in regard to sexual and aggressive behaviors.

4. Culture plays a role in the output component of multi-input/multi-output motivational systems. Explain this statement across all motivational systems including concepts, definitions and examples were applicable.

5. Explain the following statement: Behaviors prime hormones; Hormones prime behavior. Sexual behavior primes aggression; Aggression primes sexual behaviors.

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