Create a database to support the information management

Create a database to support the information management needs of an organization or individual.

Proposal Specifications

Your project topic must be career related (related to your academic field, job, or a business opportunity). The best project topics are those based on an actual organization's issue.

Provide the following info in your proposal:

a. State the problem or opportunity.
b. Explain its importance.
c. Explain why a database is a good tool to solve it. Describe what database features will be used and why. d. Provide background on the calculations, formulas, and data sources that you need.


1. Create an Access database with appropriate objects that you will use to form your project solution.

a. Use at least four tables with appropriate relationships enforced. At least one many-to-many relationship will need to be resolved.
b. Create forms for entering data into your tables. At least one form per table is required.
c. Create reports to display the results of your queries. At least six reports are required.
d. Embed photos, artwork, sound, or video files into your database.
e. Create a menu or switchboard that allows the user to display the forms and reports in your database.
f. Create a user-friendly interface for the database.

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Database Management System: Create a database to support the information management
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