Tuberculosis (TB):

It is an infectious disease, caused in humans by the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculae. It was once general worldwide and was an eradicator disease. People infected with HIV are highly vulnerable to tuberculosis and the disease is becoming more general again in communities with high rates of HIV infection.


Infection is caused by the airborne droplets (generated by coughing or sneezing).The bacteria breathed into the lungs multiply to form an infected “focus”. In a high amount of situations, the body’s immune system then halts the infection and healing takes place. The infection can also take place in bones, intestines and kidneys.


The major symptom involves coughing (at times bringing up blood) chest pain, fever, shortness of breath, and sweating (at night) bad appetite and weight loss. The major complications of tuberculosis of the lungs are pleural effusion. (Collection of fluid among the lung and the chest wall).


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