Counting Techniques and their basic definitions

Basic Definitions of Counting Techniques:

Factorial: The product of each and every natural number up to and comprising the integer is termed as positive integer factorial.

Permutation: It is the arrangement of objects in a particular order.

Combination: The selection of objects devoid of regard to order is termed as combination.

Tree Diagram: It is a graphical device employed to list all the possibilities of a series of events in a systematic manner.

Counting Techniques:

Fundamental Theorems:

Arithmetic: Each and every integer more than one is either prime or can be stated as a unique product of prime numbers.

Algebra: Each and every polynomial function on one variable of degree n > 0 consists of at least one real or complex zero.

Linear Programming: When there is a solution to linear programming problem, then it will take place at a corner point or on a boundary among two or more corner points.

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