SPSS stands for Statistical Package for the Social Sciences is a computer application that provides statistical analysis of data. It permits for in-depth data access and preparation, , graphics, analytical reporting and modeling.

SPSS is a Windows based program that can be used to perform data entry and analysis and to generate tables and graphs.  SPSS is capable of handling great amounts of data and can perform all of the analyses covered in the text and much more. Commonly SPSS is used in the Social Sciences and in world of business, so familiarity with this program should serve you well in the future.  SPSS is updated often.

"SPSS is comprehensive system for examine data. SPSS can take data from almost any kind of file and use them to produced charts, tabulated reports, and plots of distributions and descriptive statistics, trends, and complex statistical analysis."

SPSS Program Functionality:

Breadth of functionality: Good

SPSS has scores of mathematical and statistical functions, scores statistical process, and a extremely flexible data handling capability. It can read data in approximately any format (e.g., alphanumeric, numeric, dollar, binary, date, time formats), and version 6 onwards can read files created via spread sheet/data base software. It also has outstanding data manipulation utilities.

Reliability and Robustness: Poor

SPSS has quite a few known bugs at this point. Bugs are corrected through applying an endless stream of patches that may or may not introduce new bugs, and will almost surely break other software installed on the system.

State of the Art: Excellent

SPSS Release 6.0 and higher are supposed as one of the leading statistical software applications. To the Base the integration of the graphics module with brilliant interface is just one instance of the state of the art of the product.

User Friendliness: Good

SPSS has extremely easy to learn command language. For keywords and subcommands explanation are obtainable through online help. For UNIX, Windows and MAC, the University of Windsor supports SPSS.

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