SRS Representation Guidelines

Introduction to SRS Representation Guidelines

Software requirements may be specified in a variety of ways. A simple set of guidelines are as follow;

Representation  format and content should  be relevant to the problem: A general  outline for the  contents of a software requirements  specification can be  developed and its format and contents should be like  that it should  be made to follow  the  problem exactly.

Information contained within the specification should be nested: Representations can have layers of information so that a reader can move to the level of detail that is required. Paragraph and diagram numbering schemes should indicate the level of detail that is being presented.

Diagrams and other notational forms should be restricted in number and consistent in use:

So much diagrams and less theory decreases the quality. Confusing or inconsistent notation, whether graphical or symbolic, degrades understanding and lead to errors.

Representation should be revisable:  The content of a specification will changes. Ideally CASE tools should be available to update all representations that are affected by each change.

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