Components of the SRS

Introduction to Components of the SRS

In previous section, we discussed various characteristics that will help in completely specification the requirements.  Here we describe some of system properties that an SRS should specify. The basic issues, an SRS must address are:

Functional requirements

Performance requirements

Design constraints

External interface requirements

Conceptually, any SRS should have these components. Now we will discuss them one by one.

1. Functional Requirements

Functional requirements specify what output should be produced from the given inputs. So they basically describe the connectivity between the input and output of the system. For each functional requirement: 

1. A detailed description  of all the  data inputs  and their  sources, the units  of measure, and the range  of valid inputs  be specified:

2. All the  operations  to be  performed on the input data obtain  the output  should be specified, and

3. Care must be taken not to specify any algorithms that are not parts of the system but that may be needed to implement the system.

4. It must clearly state  what the  system should do if  system behaves abnormally when any  invalid input is given  or due  to some  error  during  computation. Specifically, it should specify the behaviour of the system for invalid inputs and invalid outputs.

2. Performance Requirements (Speed Requirements)

This part of an SRS specifies the performance constraints on the software system. All the requirements related to the performance characteristics of the system must be clearly specified. Performance requirements are typically expressed as processed transaction s per second or response time from the system for a user event or screen refresh time or a combination of these. It is a good idea to pin down performance requirements for the most used or critical transactions, user events and screens.

2. Design Constraints

The client environment may restrict the designer to include some design constraints that must be followed. The various design constraints are standard compliance, resource limits, operating environment, reliability and security requirements and policies that may have an impact on the design of the system. An SRS should identify and specify all such constraints.

Standard Compliance: It specifies the requirements for the standard the system must follow. The standards may include the report format   and according procedures.

Hardware Limitations: The software needs some existing or predetermined hardware to operate, thus imposing restrictions on the design. Hardware limitations can includes the types of machines to be used operating system availability memory space etc.

Fault Tolerance:  Fault tolerance requirements can place a major constraint on how the system is to be designed. Fault tolerance requirements often make the system more complex and expensive, so they should be minimized.  

Security: Currently security requirements have become essential and major for all types of systems. Security requirements place restriction s on the use of certain commands control access to database, provide different kinds of access, requirements for different people, require the use of passwords and cryptography techniques, and maintain a log of activities in the system.

4. External Interface Requirements

For each external interface requirements:

1. All the possible interactions of the software with people hardware and other software should be clearly specified,

2. The characteristics of each user interface of the software product should be specified and

3. The SRS should specify the logical characteristics of each interface between the software product and the hardware components for hardware interfacing.

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