Structure of Data manager and Data management

Structure of Data manager:

Data manager is large sufficient to be subdivided into several components

View component- is accountable for interpreting the request and calling the other components to do the actual work. The view component implements cursors as well as uses them to communicate as the internal and external representation of the view.

Record component- stores logical records on “pages” handle the contents of pages and the problems of variable length and overflow records.

Index component- implements sequential as well as associative access to sets. If merely associative access is required hashing should be used. If both sequential as well as associative accesses are required then indices implemented as B-trees should be

Buffer manager- maps the data ‘pages’ on secondary storage to a primary storage buffer pool. If the operating system offered a really fancy page manager (virtual memory) then the buffer manager might not be needed. However issues such as double buffering of sequential I/O, checkpoint, Write Ahead Log protocol (see recovery section) and locking seem to argue against using the page managers of existing systems. If you are looking for a difficult problem here is one- define an interface to page management that is useable by data management in lieu of buffer management.

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