Laboratory diagnosis

Laboratory diagnosis:


One or more of the specimens below are gathered aseptically in sterile containers for the diagnosis.

(1) Pus from furuncles, boils, wounds, abscesses, burns, and so on might be collected. Alternatively sterile swabs soaked in pus might be collected.

(2) Sputum from conditions of lower respiratory infections, namely, pneumonia. Sputum must not have saliva from mouth.

(3) Blood from patients with suspected bacteraemia example, in osteomyelitis and endocarditis: 5 ml blood gathered aseptically into bottle having 50 ml of broth.

(4) Faeces or vomit from patients with suspected food poisoning.

(5) Urine from patients with suspected cystitis (i.e., infection of the bladder), pyelonephritis (i.e., infection of the kidney), or post catheterization infection.

(6) Anterior nasal and perianal swabs from alleged carriers.

Direct examinations:

A smear is made up from the specimens and observed for the existence of Gram positive cocci in clusters after Gram’s staining.


Specimens are inoculated on to plates of nutrient, blood or milk agar and incubated at 37oC for 24 hours. The plates are inspected for characteristic golden, cream colored or white colonies. Smears are made up from the colonies, Gram stained and checked for gram positive cocci in clusters. On blood agar plates S.aureus generates beta hemolytic colonies.


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