Hydrolytic fermentative stage

Hydrolytic fermentative stage:

It is the preliminary stage whenever feed stock is solubilized by water and enzyme. The complex polymers are hydrolyzed into organic acids and alcohol through hydrolytic fermentative bacteria. The primary group of bacteria comprises Bacillus, Cellulomonas, Clostridium, and Ruminococcus. Such bacteria catabolism carbohydrates cellulose, proteins, lipids into simple sugars and fatty acids.

Acetogenic stage:

In this stage, the second class of bacteria likes Acetivibrio cellulosolvens; Bacteroid cellulosolvens (i.e., Facultative anaerobic and hydrogen generating acetogenic bacteria) transform the simple organic materials (through oxidation-reduction reactions) into acetate, hydrogen and carbon-dioxide. Such substances serve as food for final phase group of bacteria.

Methanogenic stage:

This is the final stage of anaerobic digestion where acetate hydrogen and carbon-dioxide are transformed by the strict obligate anaerobic methane generating bacteria into methane (i.e., biogas), carbon-dioxide and other traces of gases. The Methanogenic bacteria includes Methanobacterium thermoautotrophicum, Methanobacterium formicum, Methanococcus voltae and Methanomicrobium mobile.


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