Microwave Transmission

Introduction to Microwave Transmission

Microwave transmission considers to the technology of transmitting information through the make use of the radio waves which wavelengths are measured conveniently in small numbers of centimetres, via using several electronic technologies. These are known as microwaves. This section of the radio spectrum ranges beyond frequencies of approximately 1.0 gigahertz (GHz) to 30GHZ. Also via using the formula λ= c/f.

Antennas are generally of suitable sizes and shapes, and also the make use of metal waveguides for carrying the radio power works well, in the microwave frequency band. Additionally with the make use of the modern solid state electronics and travelling wave tube technologies which have been built since the early 1960's, the electronics employed through microwave radio transmission have been readily used through expert electronics engineers.

Microwave radio transmission is generally used through communication systems on the surface of the earth, and in deep space radio communications and in satellite communications. The microwave radio band's other parts are employed for radars, sensor systems, radio navigation systems, and radio astronomy.


  • Appropriate over line- of-sight transmission links without obstacles
  • gives good bandwidth
  • Affected through vapor, cloud, mist and fog, dust, snow, rain, heavy moisture, relies on chosen frequency.


  • Backbone carriers in cellular networks.
  • Communication with satellite
  • Microwave radio relay links for television and telephone service providers.

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