Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Introduction to Fully Automatic Washing Machine

In this type of machine (fully automatic machine) there is only one tub that works as the washer, rinse also the drier. Depending on the no. of clothes or the weight of the clothes, the machine take in the enough amounts of water and detergent automatically and after that sets the timer for wash and drying automatically. All we just have to do is just give the water connection, place the detergent from time-to-time in its storage space and place the clothes; the fully automatic washing machine does all rest of things automatically. Such type of a fully automatic washing machine employs advanced Neuro-fuzzy logic methods for taking decisions automatically.

Machines along with this method uses micro programmer for their programming and can make decisions regarding to the type of washing to be employed relies on type of fabric and the extent of dirt.

Top loading washing machine:

In this type of washing machine the clothes are loaded and unloaded from the top most part of the washing machine. There is a cover at the top which assists loading and unloading of clothes in the round vessel which carry out the function of the washer also the rinse and drier in the fully automatic washing machine. The top loading machine uses agitator type washing technique. This sort of washing machine is preferred through the people who don't want to bend the body when loading the clothes in the machine.

Front loading washing machine:

In this type of a machine the clothes are loaded from the front side. The studies have displayed that the front loading washing machines takes less electric energy, water and detergent and also provide better washing results as compared to the top loading washing machine. This kind uses drum type wash technique.

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