Aspects of Stores Control

Introduction to Aspects of Stores Control

The aspects of stores control are the following:

  • Stores Layout: Storage layout, that is careful designing and arrangement of storerooms is wanted for savings in cost. The layout should be careful of appropriate temperature control, ventilation, lighting and easy handling. There could be a decentralized stores system or centralized stores system. Both the systems comprise their own advantages and disadvantages. It can be said that the stores system should be like it is most suitable for the company.
  • Classification and Codification of Materials: For proper recognition of materials, there should be appropriate classification and codification of materials. According to their types materials can be categorized. Codification can be made for simplification of identification. Codification could be on the basis of numbers or alphabets or a combination of both. Whatever system of codification is employed, it should be make sure that the system is easy to understand and simple to operate.
  • Stores Records: For streamlining the stores function, it is necessary to preserve records properly. The most significant record in the stores is the Bin Card. of all receipt of materials it is the quantitative record, issue of materials and the balance of materials on a specific day. This record is reserved for each and every material and entries are made every day after every receipt and issue. The amount of receipt or issue do not record through the Bin Card, it records just the quantity. Care is to be taken to actually confirm the material quantity and reconcile similar with the quantity displayed in the Bin Card. This periodic verification will serve like a moral check on the staff and the probability of frauds and errors will be minimized.

Inventory Control: One of the significant aspects of the general material management is the inventory control. It is essential to prevent the overstocking and under stocking. For making sure this, highest level, minimum level, re-order level is fixed. Moreover of this it is necessary to be careful of the material lying in the stock. There is great investment made in the materials and there will be critical loss if right care is not taken. Although records are preserved in the stores considering the receipts and issues, they should be regularly confirmed with the physical stock that's why chances of errors and frauds are minimized.

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