Also known as UNIX, though the letters do not stand for anything. The UNIX operating system was primary created in Bell Labs way back in the year of 1960s. It became famous in the year of 1970s for high-level computing, however not on the consumer level. As numerous Internet services were originally hosted on UNIX machines, the platform attains astonishing popularity in the year of 1990s. It still leads the industry as the most common operating system for Web servers.

It was one of the initial operating systems to be written in a high-level programming language, i.e. C. It meant that it could be installed on virtually any computer for which a C compiler existed. This natural portability combined along with its low price made it a famous choice among universities. (It was not expensive because antitrust regulations prohibited Bell Labs from marketing it as a full-scale product.)

Because of its, flexibility, portability and power, UNIX has become a leading operating system for workstations. Historically, it has been less accepted in the personal computer market.

As with other operating systems, there are various kinds of applications available on a UNIX system. Email, programming, news reading, statistics, and graphics are some of the areas for which UNIX software exists. It was once distinct from other operating systems due to its high level of integration along with the network and its multi-user environment. Each of the users who logs in can have an environment distinct from that of any other user. In current years, though, this distinction has blurred as other operating systems have developed these capacities. Along the introduction of Mac OS X and the rising popularity of free UNIX systems like FreeBSD and Linux, as well as advanced interfaces depend on the X Window System; more individuals are also by using UNIX as the operating system for their personal workstations.

Still, UNIX remains somewhat of an ambiguous operating system, as there are various different versions of it. Some instance include, Xenix, Ultrix, Linux, and GNU, which, making things even more confusing, all run on a number of distinct hardware platforms. Mostly people do not ever need to use UNIX, but computer geeks appear to have the need to use it as much as possible.

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