It was a text-based procedurally oriented programming language and DBMS, originally published through Fox Software and afterward through Microsoft, for MS-DOS, Windows, Macintosh, and UNIX. The ultimate published release of FoxPro was 2.6, after which the development has continued under Visual FoxPro.

Even though FoxPro is a Database Management System (DBMS) and it does support relationships among tables, it is not considered a Relational Database Ill-Management System (RDBMS), lacking transactional processing.

FoxPro is extremely powerful Database Management System. Its integrate development Environment permits programmer's language. It is an interpreter and true compiler both. As interpreted language, it translates each of the command into computer instructions, as this is executes the translation time, most possibly throughout loops.

A compiler improves performance by translating command to machine instructions just once. It replaces commands as PRINT or LIST with blocks of machine code. It compiled programs run faster than interpreted codes.

FoxPro supports arithmetic functions like subtraction, addition, multiplication, and division. It also provides numerous special mathematical and financial functions.

The main screen combines a menu bar across the top line along a command prompt environment depends on the command window. FoxPro opens the command window at the straining of each session. Commands entered in it execute immediately.

Basic Features of FoxPro:

1) Developing a database.
2) Adding data to the database.
3) Editing presents data stored in the database.
4) Removing information from the database.
5) Searching for and retrieving information from the database by using a powerful tool called a RQBE (Relational Query through Example)
6) Creating a customized data entry form by using Screen Builders tool.
7) Creating designing and printing attractive reports that list, group or summarize the information stored in the database.
8) Developing a label designing to send mailers to the students appealing them of their performance.

What is a FoxPro Database?

It is a collection of associated and relevant information. This could be accounting ledger, check register, payroll, client list or inventory. Or this could be any of thousands of applications in, education, business, engineering, and the professions, the sciences and other fields. Generally, a database consists of number of RECORDS .In FoxPro, a record may have a number of items such as employee code number, employees name, , date of joining, address salary, designation etc. In FoxPro's record a number of such items are called as FIELDS. Number of fields makes up a single record of single person, and number of such record made up a whole DATABASE.

Visual FoxPro

It is a relational database along an object-oriented programming environment from Microsoft that comes with prewritten classes. Visual FoxPro is a part of Microsoft's Visual Studio suite of products.

Visual FoxPro is relatively easy to learn and fast for developing reusable code. A programmer can develop code to access a FoxPro database or in addition to connect to such databases as SQL Server and Oracle. Microsoft says that at least 500,000 developers using FoxPro.

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