Ornithophily (Pollination by birds):

Ornithophily (Gk. Ornis = bird and philein = to love) is a mode of pollination executed by the birds. The act of pollination is not executed by all the birds apart from a few. The most general bird pollinators are Sun bird, Crow, Bulbul, Parrot, Humming bird, Mynah, and so on. The birds visit a big variety of flowers like Bombax (i.e., Red Silk Cotton), Erythrina (i.e., Coral Tree), Bignonia, Agave, Callistemon (Bottle Brush) and so on. Over around100 species of Australian plants are pollinated by the birds. Humming bird pollinates while hovering over the flowers and sucking nectar. Bird can derive around half of its body weight of nectar in a single day. The nectar is mainly made of sugars and gives a sweet drink to the bird.

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