Kingdom Animalia

Kingdom Animalia:

This kingdom involves unicellular protozoan and multi-cellular animals or metazoans. They are characterized by:

A. Definite shape of the body and nonexistence of branches.

B. Ability to move from one place to another.

C. During the day and night time, O2 is taken in and discharge of CO2 takes place that is, only respiration occurs and there is no photosynthesis.

D. Holozoic mode of nutrition as no chlorophylls existed and therefore they are heterotrophs.

E. Growth is restricted in animals. Growth stops after achieving a specific size and age.

F. Nervous system and excretory system are well build up.

G. Reserve food material as glycogen.

H. They lack cell wall. They contain small vacuoles. Centrosomes are existed. Cells do not contain inorganic crystals.

I. Animals do not depend on any exterior agents for sexual reproduction.

Regeneration of some body portions and asexual reproduction is mainly found only in lower organisms.


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