Arrangement of Flagella

Arrangement of Flagella:

Flagella or cilia (sing.flagellum or cilium) are organs of locomotion which take place in a majority of algal groups. There are two kinds of flagella viz., whiplash (i.e., Acronematic) and tinsel (i.e., pantonematic).


 Figure: Types of Flagella

Whiplash flagellum contains a smooth surface whereas the tinsel flagellum has excellent minute hairs all along the axis. The number, insertion, pattern and type of flagella appear to be reliable in each group of algae and it is a significant criterion for categorization of algae. Motile cells of the Algae are usually biflagellate. Whenever both flagella are of equivalent length and appearance, they are explained as isokont. Heterokont forms contain dissimilar flagella with reference to their length and kinds. Red algae (i.e., Rhodophyta) and Blue green algae (i.e., Cyanophyta) lack flagella. Every flagellum comprises of two central microtubles bounded by a peripheral layer of nine doublet microtubles. This is termed as 9+2 pattern of arrangement that is a characteristic feature of eukaryotic flagellum. The whole class of microtubles is bounded by a membrane.


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