Principle of Coordination

Principle of coordination

1) principle of the direct contacts : there must be direct contact between the top management and the subordinate . They must be provided opportunity to exchange their opinion and their suggestion

2) Principle of the coordination at the earlier stage : according to the principle co ordination must be establish at the earlier stage of the enterprises and  should continue till the dissolution of the firm

3) Principle of the continuity : coordination must be regular feature of the enterprises and not a temporary aspect coordination must be establish at the time of the establishment of the enterprises and should continue till then .

4) Principle of reciprocal relationship : relationship among at the employee of the enterprises should be reciprocal all the employee are abolished by other and they oblige others . The activity of the employee are affected by that of other

5) Principle of the timing: principal of the timing is based on assumption that every activity of the enterprises must perform at the right time . It will help in proper utilized of efforts of enterprises  

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