Concept of Generating Random Numbers

Generating Random Numbers:

We can generate the random numbers on TI-82 calculator by using the following order. Here N is the number of various values which could be and S is the minimum number.

int (N*rand+S)

INT and RAND is found under the MATH menu respectively under (math num 4) and math prb 1).

Now, Simulate the rolling of a die (1-6): int (6*rand+1)

Also Simulate the flipping of a coin (0-1): int (2*rand)

This works as the rand function returns a random number between 0 and 1 (comprising 0 however not including 1). If it is multiplied by N, it results between 0 and N, and then S is added, therefore it results between S and S+N.

When you have two values (A and B) which you require random numbers between, then you can produce them by using the formulas which is shown below:


int (N*rand+A)

It must be keep in mind that it is B-A+1 not B-A. Everyone agrees there are 10 numbers between 1 and 10. However, when you take 10-1, you get 9, not 10. As well, in the formula above, substitute the N by the real number of different values.

As the calculator remembers the last formula put in, and computes it when you hit enter, to produce more random numbers, just hit enter again. You will get another random number whenever you hit enter.

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