Software Testing

Software Testing:

It is the procedure of executing a program or system along the intent of discovering errors. Or, it includes any activity aimed at evaluating capability of a program or an attribute or system and discovering that it meets its needed results. Software is like other physical processes where inputs are received and outputs are generated. Where software differs is in the fashion in which it fails. Mostly physical systems fail in a fixed (and reasonably small) set of ways. In contrast, software can fail in various bizarre ways. Generally detecting all of the different failure modes for software is infeasible.

Purpose of Software testing:

  • To develop quality:
  • For Verification & Validation:
  • For reliability estimation

Types of software testing:

White Box testing:

It is also known as transparent box testing, clear box testing, and glass box testing. It is a software testing approach, which intends to test software with knowledge of internal working of the software. This approach is used in Unit testing usually which is performed by software developers. This testing intends to execute code and test, branches, path, statements decisions and data flow in the program being tested. White box testing and Black box testing complement each other as each of the testing approaches have potential to un-cover specific category of errors.

Black Box Testing:

This is a software testing method where in testers are not needed to know coding or internal structure of the software. This method relies on testing software with several inputs and validating results against expected output. 

Unit testing:

This is a type of testing that is carry out by software developers. This testing follows white box testing approach where developer will test units of source code as, branches, statements functions, methods OR class, interface in OOP (object oriented programming). Usually this involves in developing stubs and drivers. Unit tests are ideal candidates for automation. Automated tests can run as Unit regression tests on new builds or new versions of the software. There are various useful units testing frames works like Junit, Nunit etc., available that can make this testing more effective.

Error-Handling Testing:

Is a kind of testing that focuses on error handling capabilities of software, this kind of testing that focuses on response of the software and message it displays to uses incase of expected and un-expected errors.

Alpha Testing:

It is a formal type of testing that is carries out by end customers at development site. This testing is conducted before taking the software to Beta testing.

Beta Testing:

It is a formal type of testing that is carried out by end customers before handing or releasing over software to end users. Successful completion of Beta testing means customer acceptance of the software.

Ad-hoc testing:

It is an informal type of software testing that is carry out by software testers, developers, business analyst, or any stake holder without referring to test cases or documentation. Usually Person performing ad-hoc testing has a good understanding of software requirements and tries to break the software and discover defects with knowledge and experience they have regarding the domain, requirements and functionality of the software. This testing is intended to discover defects that were not found by existing test cases.

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