Characteristics of the SRS

Introduction to Characteristics of the SRS

To properly satisfy the basic goals an SRS should have certain properties and should contain different types of requirements. A good SRS document should have the following characteristics:

1. Completeness

2. Clarity

3. Correctness

4. Consistency

5. Verifiability

6. Ranking

7. Modifiability

8. Traceability

9. Feasibility

1. Completeness:  A SRS is complete if everything the software the software is supposed to do and    the responses of the software to all class of input data are specified in SRS. It ensures that everything is indeed specified. It is one of the most difficult properties to spot. To ensure completeness, one has to detect the absence of specification which is much harder to determine.

2. Clarity: The documented requirement should lead to only a single interpretation, independent of the person or the time when the interpretation is done. The SRS needs to be unambiguous to the authors, the users, other reviewers as well as the developers and testers who will use the document. So SRS writer should be careful about ambiguity. One way to avoid ambiguity is to use some formal requirements specification language, but it is the major drawback. The formal languages require more effort to write an SRS more cost and the increased difficulty in reading and understanding formally stated requirements.

3. Correctness:  The SRS can be considered as correct if every requirements stated in the SRS is required in the proposed system. Correctness of an SRS:

Ensures that what is specified is done correctly.

Is an easier property to establish as it basically involves examining each requirement to make sure that it represents the use requirements?

There are no real tools or procedures that ensure correctness. If there are any preceding documents then the requirements from those earlier documents need to be traced to the SRS:

4. Cossistency:  Requirements at all levels must be consistent with each other .any conflict between requirements within the SRS must be identified and resolved. The types of conflicts that generally occur are:

Characteristics (format details) of real word entity interfacing with the system maybe conflicting. For an example, one requirements states that an individual can work up o 6 hours whereas another requirement state is as 8 hours.

The terminology used for some entities events may be different for example different requirements may use different terms to refer to the same objects.

5. Verifiability: A SRS is verifiable if and only if every stated requirement is verifiability. A requirement is verifiable if  there exists some  cost  effective process that can check  whether the final software meets that requirements  un ambiguity is essential for  verifiability of requirements is often done  through reviews it  also implies that SRS in understandable, at least by the  developer the client and the  users.

6.Ranking : Generally, the requirements  are stated according  to their priorities  are critical, other  are important but not critical, and there are some  which are desirable  but not  very  important. Similarly some requirements are core requirements which are not likely to change as time passes, while others are more dependent on time. A SRS is ranked for importance and or stability if for each requirement the importance and the stability of the requirements are indicated.

7. Modificability: The SRS needs to be documented in such a manner that a history of changes can be contained in the document. It will also   necessary to be able to highlight and tr5ace the changes of the requirements as we progress through the project. Certain good practices (that can lead to high modifiability are minimal redundancy and the numbering of the requirements. According to IEEE, standard 830-1993 (recommended practice for software requirements specification) SRS is modifiable if  its structure and style  are such  that any necessary  changes to the requirements  can be made  easily while preserving  completeness  an consistency while  retaining its structure and style.  

8. Tracability: As SRS is traceable if the origin of each its requirements is clear and if it facilitates the   referencing of each requirements in future development. There are two types of traceability.

Backward traceability: to the documentation and other work products created prior to the requirements phase. This will depend upon how well referencing and labelling has been provided in the previous documents work products,

Forward traceability: will depend upon how each requirement in the SRS is labelled numbered. This traceability is extremely important, as this is one of the ways of tracing requirements to its implementation. Traceability aids verification and validation.

9. Feasibility: Though it may not be possible to confirm the feasibility of implementation of all the requirements any requirement which is apparent infeasible, should be eliminated from the SRS.

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