Scientific Method in Operations Research

Scientific Method in Operations Research

The scientific method in OR study usually includes three phases

  • The judgment phase
  • The research phase
  • The action phase

The judgment phase comprises

  • Determination of the operation
  • The establishment of the principles and objectives connected with the operation
  • Finding out the appropriate actions of effectiveness
  • Finally, the development of the problems relative to the objectives

The research phase uses

  • Observations and data gathering for a enhanced understanding of what the problem is
  • Creation of hypothesis and models
  • Observation and experimentation to confirm the hypothesis on the basis of added data
  • Study of the accessible information and confirmation of the hypothesis using pre-established measure of effectiveness.
  • Forecast of diverse results from the hypothesis, generalization of the result and concern of another techniques

The action phase

OR comprises of making suggestions for decision process through those who first posed the problem for consideration or by anybody in a position to make a decision influencing the operation in which the problem takes place.

 Role of Computers in OR

Computers have played a critical part in the development of OR. But OR would not have accomplished its current position for the use of computers. The reason is in most of the OR techniques calculations are so complicated and involved that these methods would be of no use without computers.

Many large scale uses of OR techniques which needs only few minutes on the computer may take months, weeks and sometimes even years to give the same results manually. So the computers has become important and basic part of OR.

Nowadays, OR methodology and computer methodology are increasing simultaneously. It appears that in the near future the line which divides the two methodologies will vanish and the two sciences will combine together to form a more universal and comprehensive science. 


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