When to look for Deadlock in Deadlock detection

When to look for Deadlock:

One could opt to seem for deadlock:

•    Whenever anyone waits.
•    Periodically.
•    Never.

One could look for deadlock endlessly. Releasing a lock or else being granted a lock never creates a deadlock. Therefore one should never look for deadlock more frequently than when a wait occurs.

The cost of looking for deadlock each time anyone waits is:

•    Continual maintenance of the wait-for graph.
•    Approximately certain failure since deadlock is (should be) rare (that is wasted instructions).

The charge of periodic deadlock detection is:

•    Detecting deadlocks late.

By increasing the period one decreases the cost of deadlock as well as the probability of successfully finding one. For every situation there should be an optimal detection period.

632_cost of detection.jpg

Never testing for deadlocks is greatly like periodic deadlock detection with a very long period. The entire systems have a mechanism to detect dead programs (infinite loops, wait for lost interrupt,...) This is habitually a part of allocation and resource scheduling. It is probably outside as well as above deadlock detection.

Likewise if deadlock is extremely frequent, the system is thrashing as well as the transaction scheduler should stop scheduling new work, and conceivably abort some current work to reduce this thrashing. Or else the system is probably to spend the majority of its time backing up.

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