Message mapping and conversations


A conversation is a series of messages. Messages are typically grouped for recovery purposes so that all are processed or ignored together. A easy conversation might consist of a clerk filling out a form.

Every line the operator enters is checked for syntactic correctness and checked to see that the airline flight is available or else that the required number of widgets is in stock. If the appearance passes the test it is redisplayed by the transaction with the unit price as well as total price for the line item filled in. At any time the operator is able to abort the conversation. Nevertheless if the system backs up the user (because of deadlock) or if the system crashes then when it restarts it would be nice to re-present the message of the conversation therefore that the operator’s typing is saved. This needs that the group of messages be identified to the data communications component as a conversation therefore that it can manage this recovery process.

Message mapping:

One of the descriptions provided by DC is to insulate every endpoint from the characteristics of the other. There are two stages of mapping to do this - One level maps transmission records into messages. The next level (stages) maps the message into a structured message. The first stage of mapping is defined by the session - the second level of mapping is defined by the recipient (transaction). The first level of mapping converts the entire messages into some canonical form (example a byte string of EBCDIC characters.) This transformation may perhaps handle such matters as pagination on a screen (if the message will not fit on one screen image). The second stage of mapping transforms the message from an un-interrupted string of bytes into a message record-field structure. When one writes a transaction one as well writes a message mapping description that makes these transformations. For instance an airlines reservation transaction might have a mapping program that first displays a blank ticket. On input the mapping program take out the fields entered by the terminal operator and puts them in a set of (multi-field) records. The transaction reads these records (a great deal in the style database records are read) as well as then puts out a set of records to be displayed. The mapping program packs in the blank ticket with these records and passes the resulting byte string to session management.

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