Types of Anaphylaxis

Types of Anaphylaxis:

Anaphylaxis is classified as follows:

Cutaneous anaphylaxis:

Whenever a small shocking dosage of an antigen is provided intradermally to a sensitized host, there will be local “wheal and flare” response [i.e., local response and local anaphylaxis]. Wheal is a pale, central region of puffiness due to edema that is surrounded by a hyperemia and erethema [i.e., redness]. Cutaneous anaphylaxis is helpful in testing hyper-sensitivity of sensitized individuals therefore a syringe loaded with adrenalin must always be kept ready to counteract the adverse effects of anaphylaxis.

Passive Cutaneous anaphylaxis [PCA]:

This is an enormously sensitive invivo technique for detecting antibodies. A small volume of antibody is injected intradermally onto a normal animal. When antigen, all along with a dye like evans blue is injected intravenously 4 to 24 hours afterwards, there will be an instant bluing at the site of intradermal injection due to vasodilation and raised capillary permeability.

Anaphylaxis in-vitro:

Guinea pigs must be sensitized with an identified antigen. Tissues are isolated from guinea pig and located in Ringer’s Solution. Whenever a particular antigen is added to the bath, the tissues will contract vigorously [i.e., fast]. This is termed as “Schultz-Dale phenomenon”.


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