Interhalogen Compounds

Interhalogen Compounds or Interhalogens:

Each halogen joins with another halogen to form numerous compounds termed as interhalogen compounds. The low electronegative element is written initially. In naming also, the less electronegative element is initially mentioned.

They are classified into four types.

1166_interhalogen compounds2.jpg

They can all be made by direct combination or by the act of halogen on a lower interhalogen; the product generated depends on situations.

35_Interhalogen compounds3.jpg


1537_Interhalogen compounds4.jpg

The bonds are necessarily covalent since of the small electronegativity difference, and the melting and boiling points raise as the difference in electronegativity raises.

The interhalogens are commonly more reactive than the halogens (except F) since the A-X bond is weaker than the X–X bond in halogens. The reactions are identical to those of the halogens. Hydrolysis provides halide and oxyhalide ions, the oxyhalide ion being made from the bigger halogen present.

BrF5 + 3 OH→ 5F¯ + BrO3¯ + 3H+

ΙCl + OH→ Cl¯ + OΙ ¯+ H+


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