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The SAT is one of the most popular standardized tests employed for admission into colleges and universities of the United States. It is first begun in the year 1941 as the Scholastic Aptitude Test as an IQ test, the SAT of these days has get a place in each and every college going student's life. Strangely adequate SAT no longer stands for something; instead of deal with divisive acronyms, the College Board evades the issue by not having SAT really be an acronym.

Globally, SAT is a renowned college admission exam which lets you illustrate colleges what you know and how fine you can pertain that knowledge. It generally assesses your knowledge of reading, writing and math problem - subjects which are taught each day in high school class-rooms. There are many students, who take the SAT exam in the period of their junior or senior year of high school, and approximately all reputed colleges and universities make use of the SAT to make admission assessments.

Taking the SAT exam is the primary step in getting the appropriate college for you - the region where the student can further build up their capabilities and follows their enthusiasms. However, scores are merely one of the factors which colleges and universities consider whenever taking the judgment of admission. The grades of high school are too important. However, the merger of grades of high school and SAT is the preeminent forecaster of your educational success in college.

The SAT is governed seven times a year in the United States: In October, November, December, January, March (or at times April), May and June. The SAT is generally accessed on the first Saturday of the month for November, December, May and June. Exterior of the United States, the SAT is accessed on the similar dates as in the United States apart from the first spring test date, that is either March or April.

Why is the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is so important?

The SAT is needed by numerous colleges and universities to be considered for admission. Although there are colleges which don't need it, all 'brand name' colleges and almost all public ('state') colleges do necessitate it. In many scenarios, students can acquire the ACT instead of the SAT, and this decision regularly comes down to geography. The students from the Midwest preferred to take ACT and SAT, whereas the students from U.S. coasts mostly preferred SAT.

In spite of being needed for admission to most of the U.S. universities, the SAT is vital for the given reasons:

i) Most of the scholarships need a minimum SAT score.

ii) Most of the universities, especially state universities, will provide academic scholarships for students having a certain GPA and a least SAT score.

iii) It is great manner to set you apart from the crowd of college admission. Encompassing a descent and high SAT score will let you to separate out from the thousands of other student apply to college.

For several students, acquiring both the SAT and ACT is a great choice as they can submit either of the two scores is better (based on their percentile position) which then allow them in raising their odds of acceptance in the college admission. Overall, taking both tests is highly suggested as students encompass little to lose but much to add.

Particulars regarding the test:

The SAT comprise of three Parts: Math, Critical Reading and Writing. The Scores on each and every part range from 200 to 800. Having scores for all time being a multiple of 10.

The scores for each of the sections are added together for the composite score, with a 2400 being a "perfect" SAT score. Students do not need to get all answers on the SAT correct to get a perfect score. More details are below in the Scoring section.

=> It comprises three split scored sections which encompass the Math score:

i) One 25-minute section having 20 multiple choice questions.

ii) One 25-minute section having 18 questions: 8 multiple choice questions, 10 grid-in questions (not multiple choices)

iii) One 20-minute section having 16 multiple choice questions.

=> It comprises three separate scored sections which includes the Critical Reading score:

i) One 25-minute section having 24 questions: 8 sentence completions; 4 short critical reading passage questions and 12 critical reading questions from one passage

ii) One 25-minute section having 24 questions: 5 sentence completions, 4 short critical reading passage questions, 15 critical reading questions from the two different passages.

iv) One 20-minute section having 19 questions: 6 sentence completions, 13 Critical Reading questions from two allied passages.

=> It comprises three separate scored sections which includes the Writing score:

i) One 25-minute section having one Essay.

ii) One 25-minute section having 35 questions: 11 improving sentences questions, 18 recognizing sentence mistakes questions and six Improving Paragraphs questions.

iii) One 10-minute section having 14 Improving Sentences questions.

In what manner the SAT is scored?

To score in a SAT exam is a different way as compare to other tests you are possible used to. In SAT, a grading hypothesis is employed where the student generally starts with an initial mark of 0 (zero). You get 1 mark for every right answer and lose .25 (or 1/4th) mark for every wrong answer and get no credit (as well not lose any mark) for parting a blank question. Although, it must as well be noted that 10 questions from math section will be numerically answered by your own; luckily, no marks will be subtracted for the wrong answer. The initial mark is then improved by using the chart build up the College Board into a scaled mark.

For evaluating essay, a special procedure of marking is employed. The completed essay is scanned and conveyed over the internet to standard evaluators. The two evaluators examine your essay and mark you in the range of 0 to 6. A zero is only given when the essay is totally off topic. The two marks are then added altogether and are employed in combination with your initial score to generate the scaled mark.

The main cause for this procedure of marking is that the College Board's examination writers know that you are not probable to be capable to answer each and every question on the test. They as well know that guessing on such tests would mess up the accurateness of the marks. The loss of marks for incorrect answers is acknowledged as the guessing fine.

How do I acquire the SAT?

You can enroll or register for the SAT in one of two means, either through the College Board's website or by getting a mail-in registration form from your school's counseling center.

Complete guidelines for allied information and registering are accessible from either place. Ensure to save a copy of your admit card and to carry it with you to the exam centre, all along with a Photo ID. It is suggested that you must register yourself online, as this will automatically bind your enrolment to the online account. Around 1 month after your Sat exam, your scorecard will then become online accessible and you will capable to simply view it.

What is the right time to take the SAT?

My general opinion to students applying for competitive colleges is to take the SAT exam formerly in the spring of junior year and once in October month of senior year.

Though, the most excellent time to acquire the SAT depends on a diversity of aspects: the schools to which you are applying, your application time limits, your cash flow and your individuality.

The College Board proposes the SAT seven times in a year: October, November, December, January, March, May and June.

Which I must take: SAT or ACT?

Verify with the colleges and universities you want to apply to and see if they encompass a preference. If the college you preferred will accept either the SAT or ACT, then take both the tests and take the feeling for both the tests.

SAT: Math, writing and critical reading.

ACT: Math, Science, English and reading.

SAT: Reasoning abilities and problem-resolving capabilities.

ACT: Mainly concentrates on what you have studied in high school.

SAT: Essay is compulsory.

ACT: Essay is non-compulsory.

SAT: Subtracts marks for incorrect answers.

ACT: No fines for incorrect answers.

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