Purifying and Drying Out Transformer Oils

Different methods of Purifying and Drying-Out Transformer Oils:

There are principally three types of oil purifiers in general use:

i) Centrifugal purifiers like the 'De Laval' type.

ii) Filter pack type like the 'Streamline' purifiers.

iii) Filters using activated earth media.

The aim of oil purification is to remove from it, all contaminants like water, carbon deposits, dirt, sludge, dissolved moisture and gases. In transformer oils the most significant quality to be conserved is the di-electric strength. This is harshly influenced by the existence of water either in the Free State / in the dissolved moisture. Transformer oils and the insulating materials employed in the transformer windings are hygroscopic, that is tend to absorb moisture that may enter into the transformer tank because of defective breathers, gaskets or through addition of untreated make up oil. Circuit breaker and switch, oils get carbonised on account of the tremendous heat generated in the electric arc previous to it is interrupted. Dissolved air and excessive heating (because of arcing) cause oxidation of the oil and creation of heavy sludge deposits at the base of the tank and on the surface of the windings. It is necessary to remove all these impurities at least one time in two years through filtering the oil, in order to keep the equipment in a healthy state.

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