Role of Bacteria in Industry

Role of Bacteria in Industry:

1. Dairy Industry:

Lactic acid bacteria (example: Streptococcus lactis) are utilized to transform milk sugar lactose into lactic acid.

C12 H22 O11 +H2 O → 4C3 H6 O3+Energy
Lactose                     Lactic Acid

Various strains of lactic acid bacteria are utilized to transform milk into curd, yoghurt (i.e., Lactobacillus bulgaricus) and cheese (i.e., Lactobacillus acidophobus).

2. Vinegar:

Vinegar (i.e., Acetic acid) is acquired by the activity of acetic acid bacteria (i.e., Acetobactoraceti). Such bacterium oxidizes ethyl alcohol acquired from molasses by fermentation to vinegar or acetic acid.

3. Alcohols and Acetone:

Methyl alcohol, Butyl alcohol, and acetone are made from molasses by the fermentation activity of the anaerobic bacterium Clostridium acetobutylicum.

4. Curing of tobacco, tea and coffee:

The leaves of tobacco, tea, and beans of coffee are fermented by the activity of some bacteria to impart the characteristic flavor. This is termed as curing of tea, tobacco & coffee.

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