Mendels supposition on Chromosomal basis

Mendels supposition on Chromosomal basis:

In order to accept this conclusion we should be capable to understand the behavior of chromosomes in the light of Mendel's supposition.

A) Individuality of Chromosomes:

Each and every organism has a fixed number of chromosomes. The nuclei of gametes include haploid (n) and those of zygotes double the number or diploid (2n) number of chromosomes.

B) Meiosis:

At the time of meiosis, for the making of gametes, the pairs of chromosomes of the diploid sets undergo pairing.

C) The chromosomes of each and every pair segregate separately of every other pair during their distribution into the gametes. This is identical to Mendel's law of independent assortment in the segregation of factors.

D) During the fusion of haploid gametes, the homologous chromosomes from two parents are brought altogether to form the diploid zygote. Consequently Mendel had maintained that paternal and maternal characters mix up in the progeny.

E) The chromosomes sustain the structure and uniqueness during the life time of the entity whether observable or not. Mendel had also explained that the characters are never lost however they are not stated in a specific generation.

From such points it is evident that a clear parallelism exists among Mendel's factors and chromosomes and therefore there is a firm basis for Mendel's Laws of heredity in the behavior of chromosomes during meiosis and fertilization and thus the Chromosomal Theory of Inheritance has been introduced.

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