Harmful effects of Algae

Harmful effects of Algae:

Under certain circumstances algae generate ‘blooms’, that is dense masses of material. This is particularly true in relatively warm circumstances whenever there is high nutrient availability that sometimes is persuaded by man as and whenever sewage is added to water or inorganic fertilizers run off from agricultural land into lakes and rivers. As an outcome of this a sudden and explosive growth of such primary producers (algae) takes place. They are generated in such an enormous quantity that they die before being eaten. The procedure of decomposition is taken out by aerobic bacteria that in turn multiply rapidly and depletes the water of oxygen. The lack of oxygen leads to the death of fish and another animals and plants in lakes. The raise of nutrients that begins off the whole process is termed as eutrophication and when rapid it constitutes a main problem of pollution. The toxins generated by algal bloom can too lead to mortality. This can be a severe problem in oceans and lakes. At times the toxins might be stored by shellfish feeding on the algae and be passed on to man causing the disease termed as paralytic shellfish poisoning. Algae too cause troubles in water storage reservoirs where they might taint the water and block the beds of sand employed as filters.

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