Conservation of Forests

Conservation of Forests:

The following measures must be adopted to conserve the forests:

A. A tree eliminated from the forest for any purpose should be substituted by a new tree. Therefore tree felling must be matched by tree planting programs as early as possible.

B. Afforestation must be completed in regions unfit for agriculture, all along highways and river banks around play grounds and parks. A special program of tree plantation is held every year in many countries. It must be made popular and efficient.

C. Maximum economy must be noticed in the use of timber and fuel wood minimizing by the wastage.

D. The utilization of fire wood must be discouraged and different source of energy for cooking like biogas; natural gas and so on must be made accessible.

E. Forest must be protected from fire.  Modern fire-fighting equipment must be employed to extinguish accidental forest fire.

F. Pests and diseases of forest trees must be controlled by aerial spray of fungicides and fumigation through biological technique of pest control.

G. Grazing of cattle’s in the forests must be discouraged.

H. Modern techniques of forest management must be adopted. These comprise utilization of fertilizers, irrigation, bacterial and mycorrhizal inoculation, disease and pest management control of weeds, breeding of elite trees and tissue culture methods.

I. Method of enhancement cutting and selective cutting must be completed. The enhancement cutting involves the elimination of old dying trees, non-commercial trees, damage tree and diseased trees. Selective cutting includes cutting of crowded trees and mature timber trees.

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