Use of statistical packages, Biology tutorial


In the past, statistical computations were done with pencil, pen and paper. Though, with the arrival of calculators, numerical calculations have become much simpler, particularly where computers do all the numerical computations.  All one does is to enter the data into the computer and make use of the correct command; the computer will print the answer or show it on the screen. You must realize that you are responsible for comprehending and interpreting each statistical concept.  There are numerous statistical packages available.


This is a statistical package build up particularly for the social sciences however it consists of broad applicability in the regions of biology and agriculture. It can be employed to execute some statistical methods like summaries, custom tables, Anova (that is, Analysis of variance), correlation and regression analyses, time series, non-parametric tests, form charts (Bar, line, Pie, Area, Histogram, Scatter and so on) and many more.

The SPSS is a complete package which is generally command based however commands list can be produced from menus and interactive operations are possible.


The MINITAB statistical software gives a broad range of statistical analysis and graphical capabilities. Similar to the SPSS, it is also a comprehensive command based statistical package.  MINITAB can be employed for different types of statistical analysis ranging from editing and manipulating the data, fundamental statistics, arithmetic, regression, Anova, non parametric test, exploratory data analysis and so on.

In a nutshell, this software is made specifically for the requirements of Six Sigma professionals. It gives a simple, efficient way to input statistical data, manipulate that data, recognize trends and patterns, and then extrapolate answers to the problem at hand. That is instead a simplistic manner of explaining this vital and very efficient tool.

How Does It Work?

This software option employs a sequence of elements to assist Six Sigma professionals work with data and statistics. For illustration, it comprises box-plots, scatter-plots and histograms and it gives the capability to compute the descriptive statistics.

Why Is It Needed?

When Six Sigma professionals are trained in the utilization of hard data, why do they require software to achieve their tasks? While they are expert at interpreting data, software is very important to explain the real underlying cause of problems in a procedure that makes problem-resolving a much faster and simpler method.

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