Why does a company need a strategy


Each numbers (1-30) should have answers to questions A & B & C SEPARATELY

A- What (Defn) is the tool or concept

B- Why is it (tool or concept) important?

C- Give a detailed example of the tool/concept in use

  1. Sustainable competitive advantage
  2. The five most basic strategic approaches for setting a firm apart from rivals and winning a sustainable competitive advantage
  3. That a firm's strategy tends to evolve?
  4. Why it is important for a firm to have a viable business model that outlines the firm's customer value proposition and its profit formula
  5. The three tests of a winning strategy
  6. Why does a company need a strategy and how do we know it is working?
  7. company's resources and capabilities give the company a competitive edge over rivals
  8. How a company's value chain activities can affect the company's cost structure and customer value proposition
  9. Strategic vision, a mission statement, and a set of core values
  10. Setting objectives for measuring the firm's performance and tracking its progress
  11. Crafting a strategy to move the firm along its strategic course and achieve its objectives
  12. Executing the chosen strategy efficiently and effectively
  13. Monitoring developments, evaluating performance and initiating corrective adjustments
  14. PESTEL (D) Analysis
  15. Porter's Five Forces Analysis
  16. The Value Net Analysis
  17. Driving Forces in the Industry Analysis
  18. Strategic Group Mapping Analysis
  19. Competitive Intelligence
  20. The Competitive Industry Analysis
  21. Key Success Factors (KSF) Analysis
  22. Industry Attractiveness and Profitability Analysis
  23. Ratio Analysis -
  24. Competitive Assets - Resource, Capability or competence-
  25. Resource Bundle / VRIN / SWOT -
  26. Competence, Core Competence, Distinctive Competence-
  27. Value Chain Analysis/Process/Industry Value Chain-
  28. Benchmarking -
  29. Activity-Based Competitiveness-
  30. Competitive Strength Assessment Process

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