Why are information security and privacy important

Part A

1. What is the systems model of T& D? Discuss how HRIS T& D applications can assist in carrying out the steps in the systems model.

2. How can HRIS T& D applications help firms foster organizationallearning?

3. Explain how organizations should choose appropriate T& D methods.

Part B

1. Merit increases require a single "performance" number, while most incentive plans have multiple and varying performance measures. How can the PM system meet both needs?

2. Both PM and benefits information systems make provisions for employee access and input. What access would you provide in each of these systems, and what leeway would you provide employees in reading, entering, and changing data?

3. Payroll and benefits are commonly outsourced. Discuss which parts of PM, compensation, benefits, and payroll you would consider outsourcing, justifying your views.

Part C

1. What are the different types of organizational forms that corporations use for international operations?

2. Describe the staffing process in an MNE. How does it differ from that of a domestic-only corporation?

3. What are the causes of expatriate failure?

Part D

1. Why are information security and privacy important considerations in the design, development, and maintenance of HRIS?

2. What are the important goals and considerations of information security?

3. Identify the important legal provisions governing information security and privacy in your country.

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