What is the role of socio-cultural competencies for the

Reflective Essay

An essay to succinctly review the literature, particularly focusing on socio-cultural and personal competencies.

Task: each student needs to develop a reflective and critical essay focusing on the socio-cultural and personal competencies we focus on in this unit of study. Each essay is to be maximum of 1000 words.

Topic: What is the role of socio-cultural competencies for the professional manager in making a positive difference to society?
We are looking for

a) An understanding of what these socio-cultural competencies are,

b) How professional managers use them and/or develop them, and

c) What these competencies help the professional managers to achieve.

Detail: This required a definition for the specific socio-cultural competence with at least one academic reference (using APA style referencing) per competency.

Why are these competencies important? i.e. What are the specific outcomes of having, or consequences of not having each one? Remember that the professional manager in today's society is your context.

Use an example of a professional business leader to exemplify these competences. How are each competencies operationalized? i.e. How does your leader show these competencies and what specific outcomes do they allow your leader to achieve?

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