What was the long-term trend in u.s. violent crime

Q1. What was the long-term trend in U.S. violent crime (1990-2020), and how does the current situation compare to it? How does the U.S. rate of violent crime compare to the rate in other affluent countries, and what's the fundamental cause of the difference?

Q2. According to the Brenner Center, what are the myths and realities concerning recent trends in violent crime?

Q3. According to "Want to reduce violence?" and "How to reduce shootings," what are the most effective ways to reduce the violence that mainly victimizes people of color?

Q4. What does the genetics scientist Steve Jones say is wrong with the typically believed relationship between genetics and violent crime? Specifically, according to Jones, what's the one single genetic factor that's clearly related to committing violent crime

Q5. What is delinquency and how does it differ from adult crime?

Q6. How can we explain the historical invention of "juvenile delinquency," and what have been the roles of gender and race?

Q7. How has the treatment of juvenile offenders continued to evolve? How has society come to view juvenile delinquents?

Q8. What are status offenses, and what are criminal offenses? Why have status offenses been created and enforced?

Q9. Approximately what percentage of crimes are not reported to police, according to estimates, and why? Why is victimization not always reported to police?

Q10. What is a key problem with the National Crime Victimization Survey?

Q11. In general, what have been the key problems with juvenile arrest data?

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