What strategies help monica get on track with weight loss


Monica has been trying to lose weight for about a year. Throughout the past year she has educated herself on the guidelines of good nutrition and exercise. Despite knowing that she needs to change her lifestyle, she is frustrated with her inability to lose weight and wants to "jumpstart" her weight loss. She is trying to lose 5-10 lbs. as soon as possible because she feels that gradual changes are emotional downers and she is unable to commit to gradual change. She ends up over eating, eating out of balance, and ceasing to exercise. Her most recent diet is as follows: day 1: fruits only, day 2: vegetables only, day 3: fruits and vegetables only, day 4: 6 bananas and milk, days 5 and 6: tomatoes only, day 7: eat whatever you want. In addition to the diet Monica is exercising daily for 1-2 hours. Which of the following strategies might help Monica get on track and stay on track with healthy weight loss? Question  options: Have a friend or family weigh her each week Enlist the help of a professional, such as a registered dietitian, to help guide her progress Continue to study new trends and fads in rapid weight loss practice Practice self-hypnosis to help her stay on her current diet and exercise plan


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