Nursing management of the newborn at risk


Nursing Management of the Newborn at Risk: Respiratory Distress Syndrome Instructions: Answer the following questions thoroughly and the responses must be in your own words as no direct quotations will be accepted. Although the assignment does not require APA 7th edition, it is recommended. Proper grammar and sentence structure are required. The assignment and worth a total of 56 points. Part 1: Define respiratory distress syndrome (RDS) (worth 15 points). 1. Part 2: Identify what is included in the nursing assessment of a newborn with RDS. What are the priorities? (worth 15 points). 1. Part 3: Explain the nursing management of a newborn with RDS. What tests and interventions would the nurse anticipate and implement for the newborn? (worth 15 points). 1. Part 4: Identify three (3) patient problems the family and newborn may experience with RDS. You may write three nursing diagnoses if desired. (2 points per statement, worth 6 points total). 1. 2. 3. Sentence Structure and grammar (worth 5 points).



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Other Subject: Nursing management of the newborn at risk
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