What is the definition of telehealth according to the apta


Using HU Library Resources: PTA Guide, PubMed, Cochrane Library, CINAHL, and/or OVID; APTA Learning Center; https://www.sralab.org/rehabilitation-measures; blogs; facebook; and/or twitter, answer the questions below.

1. Your first patient as a new graduate, is someone with "secondary adhesive capsulitis (AC)". You know about primary AC but do not quite recall what secondary AC refers to.

a. What is the description of secondary AC?

b. What precipitating factors make it secondary?

c. What modalities are proven to be ineffective for AC?

2. That same day you are asked to see someone on the inpatient side of the hospital with a diagnosis of Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS). You vaguely remember learning about this in school but want to review the pathology and the signs and symptoms. You know this will help you better interpret the initial eval and POC.

a. List 3 signs and symptoms for GBS.

b. List 3 risk factors for GBS.

c. What are the exercise precautions for GBS?

Using the internet or textbook

3. What are CPGs (include definition)? How would they be useful?

4. What is a Cochrane Review? What do they "do" (hint: you may have to look in the internet for the answer)?

Using the Herzing Library located in the Student Resource Center in Canvas

5. The POC for an acute ankle sprain includes ultrasound. Use the database for Cochrane reviews to see if ultrasound is recommended by research for ankle sprains. Explain your findings?

Using the www.APTA.org website

6. Your clinic manager is interested in adding telehealth to the business practice.

a. What is the definition of telehealth according to the APTA?

b. You know from your Code of Ethics that there may be some concerns with privacy. Find information on telehealth and ethics. What are 2 HIPAA requirements for telehealth?

c. What is the fine for noncompliance per violation?

d. What should you do if a data breach occurs?

Go to https://www.sralab.org/rehabilitation-measures

7. You are seeing a patient and the plan from the last visit with the PT requests that the PTA complete the Functional Gait Assessment. You are not familiar with this test and want to review and print out the test prior to the patient arriving.

a. According to the website what populations has the FGA been tested on?

b. What is the highest possible score of the FGA?

c. Define minimal detectable change (MDC). (you can use the internet for statistics definitions).

d. What were the MDCs reported for the FGA?

e. Define minimal clinically important difference (MCID).

f. What were the MCIDs reported for the FGA?

Go to www.hep2go.com.

8. Create a membership (free)- you will be using this in future classes. Create an exercise program with specific parameters that include the following information:

a. Quad set

b. Long arc quad

c. An image showing good desk set up (ergonomics)

d. Hamstring stretch

e. A balance exercise

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