What is natural justice

Short Essay Responses:

In the section below you will respond to four questions by choosing one from each section, by providing responses of between 450 to 550 words each (2000 words in total). These short essay questions will require you to address the specific question and to provide detailed information, including a reference which is not included in the word count.

Question 1- Organisational

(a) Describe and analyse a conceptual framework/ approach a social worker might use to critically examine and understand the organisational context in which they operate.


(b) What sorts of considerations need to be taken into account when deciding how to record client related information within social work practice? Refer to a variety of organisational contexts.

Question 2 - Legal

(a) Outline the legal context for social work practice in mental health in Queensland, highlighting key aspects of the relevant legislation and how this affects the legal and ethical responsibilities of a social worker. Refer to a variety of organisational contexts.


(b) What is natural justice and how does it impact on social work and administrative practice?

Question 3 - Ethical

(a) Critically analyse the Australian Association of Social Worker's Code of Ethics (2010), with particular reference to its utility for guiding and promoting high quality ethical practice when working with people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds


(b) With reference to the literature, describe and analyse the moral and ethical landscape of social work practice, with particular focus on key values and principles.

Question 4 - Integrative

(a) What sorts of practice strategies, approaches and processes can social workers utilise to identify, analyse and resolve the tensions and conflicts that can occur between organisational, legal and ethical principles, characteristics and requirements?


(b) Describe how the organisational, legal and ethical contexts of practice influence how social workers engage, relate with, and assist, clients and service users.


Integrity in Professional Life: Issues of Conduct, Commitment and Capacity

Book: Ethical practice in social work : An applied approach

Book: Ethical maturity in the helping professions : making difficult life and work decisions

Book: Issues and ethics in the helping professions

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