Stages in the rise of nationalist movements in asia


• Answer two questions below and develop a 350 word each (700 word minimum total) essay with a discernible thesis statement (last sentence of first paragraph/underlined).

• Format: Include a title page, reference page; cite within the text and source answer; mechanics: 1" margins all around, indent paragraphs, double space, number pages; grammar and composition count.

• General: Make use of primary source articles within the text. Avoid cluttering your response with direct quotes (if used keep it at one at the most); write in third person.

• You must provide an in-text citation for your paraphrasing (For example, Duiker, p. 322-324) at the end of all paragraphs. You must use APA format on your reference page (even though the reference is only the text).

• Learning outcome: Critical thinking.

1. East Asia: Explain how China and Japan each responded to Western pressures in the 19th century, and include the implications that their different responses had for each nation's history?

Consider the following in your answer: empires; cultural transitions; reforms; revolutions; industrialization, imperialism.

2. Western World: Explain the major social, cultural, and intellectual developments that have occurred in Western Europe and North America since 1945?

Consider emphasizing one area under each of the three categories where the event/change took place. Provide examples in each category.

3. Asia and Middle East: Compare/contrast the various stages in the rise of nationalist movements in Asia and the Middle East, and discuss the problems each faced.

Consider the following in your answer: religion, independence/modernization, resistance movements; and leaders; include 3 of the following: India, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan)

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History: Stages in the rise of nationalist movements in asia
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