Discuss a organization that is dedicated to social purpose


1) choose a community organization that is dedicated to some social, cultural or artistic purpose that addresses at least one of the social inequalities explained in our course materials to research

2) answer the questions listed below based on the community organization you selected. You are free to choose your own, U.S.-based community organization to profile. Ideally you will choose an organization within your region to profile, better linking our SOC 350 themes to a group of people in your local community.

3) After posting about your community organization, make sure to provide to provide at least two responses to your classmates' community organizationpost.


For this discussion, you will be sharing a brief report (2-3 paragraphs) on the organization you selected to research for your Community Organization.

Your answer should include the following information:

1) The name of the organization you selected, where it is located, and what it's central focus is (i.e. who does the organization help and how does the organization contribute to or support the local community?)

2) Identify and discuss how the organization's purpose (mission statement), function, or other aspects of this organization reflect the major themes or ideas about cultural diversity and inequality that we are studying in this class (based on race, class, and/or gender). Make sure to use a variety of course readings and materials to support your discussion.

3) What you learned in researching this organization.

Organization types to think about might include ones that were founded to address:

• art/environment exposure to various populations
• battered families
• educational attainment
• ethnic empowerment
• foster care
• gender empowerment
• homelessness
• immigrant & refugee transition
• LGBT support
• medical/surgery assistance
• small business backing
• workers rights

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