Revise the palomar health goals and focus


Revise the following Palomar Health (2019) explains its goals and focus as strategic planning and design to better serve the community by maximizing resource use. Palomar Health uses efforts to absorb inflation and improve efficiency across the spectrum of its care. Included are hiring strategies as well as goals for bettering the use of premium pay funds to align operations and capital budgets with activities in their long-term strategic plan. The financial strategy that surrounds Palomar Health's focus is innovative culture. This means replacing old outdated diagnostic equipment and acquiring new technology along with staff to invest in outpatient services. This is how they remain financially strong as a valued community source. Palomar Health is a district healthcare system serving communities in North San Diego County, California. Their focus is on ensuring the well-being of the communities they serve by providing high-quality, accessible healthcare services. They aim to be a trusted partner in improving the health outcomes of the population


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Other Management: Revise the palomar health goals and focus
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