Describe how much more you would be willing to pay


Given the regularity with which business scandals are reported in the press, describe what should be included in a code of conduct for managers? Out of Mintzberg's three managerial roles that managers fulfill in their daily responsibilities, describe one role and its importance to the function of management. There were four main categories of management theories (Scientific Management; Bureaucratic and Administrative Management; Human Relations Management; and Operations, Information Systems, and Contingency Management. Select two and describe their significance as a theory to the development of management. Out of the ten mistakes that managers make, which is most serious or the most likely to cause derailment on it's own in an organization? Why? Would you be willing to pay more for products made by socially responsible companies? Give an example and describe how much more you would be willing to pay.



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Other Management: Describe how much more you would be willing to pay
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